Author Topic: 🤗அரட்டை விதிகள் 🤗  (Read 1074 times)


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🤗அரட்டை விதிகள் 🤗
« on: August 30, 2023, 11:58:57 pm »
☑️ DO NOT choose nicknames that are similar to our Admin, Moderator and VIP nick names.

☑️ DO NOT FLOOD in the main lobby by repeatedly posting the same messages and smileys.

☑️ DO NOT publish email IDs or telephone numbers in the main chat.

☑️ Please respect our Admins, Moderators, VIPs and all other users.

☑️ You are NOT ALLOWED to publish any kind of web links in the main lobby.

☑️ DO NOT use bad language in the main chat. And also, DO NOT keep indecent words or bad words in your nick names.

☑️ Racial and Religious topics should NOT be discussed in main. (If you receive a warning from our Mods/Admins regarding this, discontinue the talk immediately)

☑️ Strict measures (such as kick or ban without warning) will be taken if the last three rules are not followed.☑️